12-24 Rack Screws - 50 Pack

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  • Truss head phillips Screws (washer not included)
  • 12-24 thread by 3/4" long.
  • Black industrial finish.
  • Tapered entry point for easy threading and cross-thread protection.

Part Number 93-102200
Material Steel alloy
Thread 12-24
Dimensions 0.750" x 0.475" (Length x Width)
Phillips size #2
Ship Weight 1 lb

How to tell the difference between Rack/Cabinet screws

10-32 Fine thread 12-24 Coarse thread
This thread is recognized by a tighter thread spacing and smaller shaft diameter. This screw consist of 32 threads per inch. This thread is recognized by a coarse thread spacing and larger shaft diameter. This screw consists of 24 threads per inch.

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