2U Sliding Keyboard Shelf with Mouse Pad (Flush Mount)

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The mouse pad includes a satin textured pad finish surface and can be mounted on either the left or right side
the keyboard shelf slides are ball self-lubricating ball bearing and include a positive click stop upon
extension which prevents the shelf from unwanted retracting.

There are two shelf surfaces available:

  • The retractable lower shelf accommodates a standard "qwerty" (16" or smaller) style keyboard keyboards.
  • The top shelf accommodates a wider "101 style" keyboard.

The upper surface includes a front lip and large surface area for monitors or hardware.

This shelf will fit all standard 19" EIA upright relay racks. Both 10-32 and 12-24 mounting
screw kits are included allowing mounting using either thread pattern. The shelf occupies 2 Rack Spaces.
The shelves are made from premium 16 gauge steel finished in a satin black industrial coating.

If you are mounting to a Relay or 2 post rack, use the following Center Mount Sliding Keyboard Shelf instead.


Part Number



16 AWG CSR Steel


Satin Black


14" collapsed x 19.25" x 3" (D x W x H)

Keyboard Shelf Top 19" and Bottom 16" width

Rack spaces


Load Rating

50 lbs.

Ship Weight

9 lbs.


Lifetime Warranty

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